Why Choose Us?

One of the biggest drawbacks to the large national chains is not being able to use the equipment you need because it is too busy. At Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics we are capping our membership to solve the overcrowding problem and increase our ability to provide more personalized customer service to our members.

Multiple Lifestyle Zones
In order to provide the highest possible customer service we have divided our facility into 5 zones. Cardio, resistance, group training, private training, and relaxation. No other facility in the country has gone this far in providing its clients with this level of customer service or amenities.

Adult Members
We were the first truly upscale fitness facility for adults in Tucson. It’s a basic rule of business that you can’t be everything to everybody and we focused on adults who will invest the time and money to make changes in their lives. We also feel that anyone who wants to join a gym shouldn’t have to feel intimidated. Even after 7 years I am still surprised by the number of people who tell me they want to get in shape before they join a gym. At Marcel’s everybody fits in because we only attract adults who are looking for fitness more than a fashion show. We understand that as a beginner, or worse someone who has had a bad experience at another fitness facility, you may be nervous about getting started. The large national chains are overwhelmingly crowded with people who have never had weight problems in their lives, this causes intimidation for the middle-aged adult who simply wants to lose weight and get healthy.

Personal Training
Think of your trainer as your personal coach whose only job is to get you in shape in the shortest time possible while having the most fun you can while working out in the gym. You can work with our trainers for just a few weeks to help you get started or you can set a long-term plan. Our trainers are nationally certified and get paid based on your results. No health club in America goes this far in making sure the members achieve the results they have paid for.

Group Training
Marcels Total Fitness & Athletics offers a variety of programs that are designed to deliver a simple, fun, and effective social exercise experience independent of barriers like gender, age or fitness level. These classes are taught by our trainers.

Fitness begins with function and Freemotion provides the best functional equipment on the market today. The philosophy of Freemotion training is based on simulating basic human movement patterns. Freemotion focuses on building strength, stability, balance and flexibility through replicating natural movements such as pushing, pulling, twisting, lunging and squatting. Freemotion is a safe, simple and fun way to train the body. Not only the way it was designed to function. But the way it is required to perform everyday. Not only does the product work well, but it look’s better than anything on the market today. The largest personal training franchise in the country uses simple in-home equipment. Not because it’s good, but because it’s cheap. If you’re paying a premium price, shouldn’t you get the best equipment? Our target demographic expects the best, so we provide it.