TRX Training

TRX Training: By Mark Wallace

TRX stands for, Total Body Resistance Exercise and is the newest form of a portable gym. Created by former Navy Seal, Randy Hetrick, TRX has taken the fitness industry by storm by what seems to be an infinite amount of body weight exercises. By its unique training style, TRX uses only gravity and your own body weight to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and core and joint stability. Can’t forget the fact that it does all this AND prevent injury. By working your entire body in each exercise, the TRX can limit the length of a workout for those who feel there’s just not enough time in the day. The TRX offers an entirely different way of looking at full body training. Not only is this state of the art piece of equipment sweeping the globe’s local gyms and health clubs everywhere, but professional athletes from every sport are experiencing taking advantage of its benefits. An advantage of using only your body weight is with simply just adjusting your feet placement, the exercises become either easier or harder. This of course replacing the dreaded walk back and forth for lighter or heavier dumbbells between sets. Or what I like to call the, “walk of pain.” The TRX can be beneficial to someone just getting back into shape as their new year’s resolution just as much as it benefits the most fit person in the gym. As a personal trainer myself, I wouldn’t brag about something if I wouldn’t use it. And I can tell you now, TRX is not only a regular part of my client’s routines, but a part of mine as well. If you haven’t tried TRX in your gym yet, give it a go. And if your gym doesn’t acquire at least one TRX strap, then they don’t care about you. And we here at Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics care about you just as much, if not more, than you care about yourself! Stop in for a FREE personal training session and get to know more about the equipment in the gym that you may have never thought to try!

Click the link below for a YouTube video with the inventor Randy Hetrick himself as he demonstrates just a few popular TRX exercises for you to try on your next training day:






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