Pull Ups and Chin Ups

Pull Up: Pronated grip (overhand) palms facing away from you. Grip just slightly wider than shoulder width. Pull ups are generally more for your back and then biceps. pull up   pullup muscle group   When first starting out with pull-ups you should try doing one rep at a time. Begin with your hands on the pull-up bar, just past shoulder width apart or wider. Grip tight and pull your entire head over the bar. One pull-up and then rest, then repeat. Focus on feeling your latissimus dorsi expand and contract when you make the motion of a pull-up. This muscle will be the main muscle you use in order to get to that full pull-up motion. It is recommended that you try out the rubber-bands or jumping up from the shortest Plyo-Box available to you, if you are having a really hard time with getting that first initial pull-up. Then do 3 sets of as many reps as you can. Eventually you can build up to more reps per set and finally get that first pull-up without a rubber-band.   Chin Up: Supinated grip (underhand) palms facing towards you. Grip just at shoulder width. Chin ups generally emphasize your biceps and some back. chin up   chin ups When first attempting a chin-up also try doing one rep at a time. Start with your hands gripped on the bar just at shoulder width apart or even a bit narrower if you’d like more of a challenge. Use your biceps to pull your chin just over the bar and lower your body in one controlled motion. If one chin-up is hard than try using a rubber-band or Plyo-Box just like you would if you were doing a pull-up. A full range chin-up means that your chin needs to touch just over the bar. Try and keep your head looking straight forward so that you avoid leaning your head back and straining your neck.  After doing 3 sets of as many reps as you can muster and your strength has built up enough after a few weeks, than try doing a full chin-up without the rubber-band or box. Gradually you will increase your arm and back strength to later get through rep after rep of chin ups. Have your goal be around 25-40 chin ups once you have established most of your strength.


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