Personal Training

Personal Training:

Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics AFAA-certified personal fitness trainers are some of the most experienced in Tucson. They bring exercise physiology knowledge, behavior modification skills, and extensive hands-on training to every session. Their areas of expertise include, but are not limited to: fat loss, rehabilitation, muscle development, endurance enhancement, diet coordination, and goal setting.

Individual Personal Training:

Working out with a professional trainer provides a focused way to get fit. A personal trainer can guide you through each workout, motivate you when you need it most, and keep your workout updated and varied! Whether you are looking for a commitment to get to the gym, interested in losing 50 pounds, or seeking motivation and someone to push you to new limits, you need look no further than Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics!

Semi-Private Personal Training:

Train with a friend or spouse to increase the enjoyment of your session! Training partners are great for competition, motivation, and maintaining your commitment to exercise. Semi-private personal training is a terrific way to get personal training benefits at a very affordable price. Who would you enjoy working out with?

Sports-Specific Training:

Whether you want to get better on the football field, basketball court, soccer field, or golf course, sports-specific training can get you there! With the right combination of power, stretching, balance, and conditioning, you will reach your peak performance level and excel at your sport in no time! Join the many athletes who have improved their game with the help and guidance of trainers at Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics and gone on to win championships and join big league teams. This training is available either on an individual basis or as a team of athletes. (Coming soon: a training area on outside turf at Marcel’s new location!)

In-Home Personal Training:

Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics also offers its clients in-home personal training services with the same skilled trainers who work in the fitness center. An experienced personal trainer will come to your home or assisted living center on the days and at the times that are convenient for you. Select your workout music or choose to exercise in the quiet surroundings of your own environment. You can train in the comfort of your home using exercise equipment you already have or your trainer will bring equipment to you. You will enjoy the same great benefits without having to leave your home.

A fitness professional will work with your medical practitioner if needed to develop an appropriate and safe exercise program for you.

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