Marcel’s Total Fitness Speedway location is a complete gym for private and small group training.  Available are almost every piece of conditioning, strength, and flexibility gear you can imagine.  From exercise bikes, treadmills, and free weights to specialized equipment like side to side sled training.  You name it Marcel’s Total Fitness has it all.


Tired of crowded gyms?  Get indvidual attention you need in a private fully equipped gym.  Marcel’s Total Fitness facility has state of the art equipment to suit everyone’s workout needs.  Best of all there is no waiting in lines to use it.


In order to advance in competition, athletes must develop the right physical and mental tools for success.  We will help you accomplish these goals with our readily available, first class, athletic training gear.  Developing speed, explosiveness, and agility to be competitive in sports requires not only the right regimen, but the right tools.  At Marcel’s all the tools to reach your sports training needs are available, with no lines, no waits.  Best of all the staff at Marcel’s teaches you proper technique and use.


Imagine coming to the gym and walking right up to the right piece of equipment without waiting.  Stepping on a treadmill to warmup with no interruptions.  Going through your whole workout using state of the art strength and conditioning gear without having to worry what you will do next.  Most people can’t imagine that.  At Marcel’s Total Fitness its possbile.  Every piece of strength and conditioning personal training gear is at the staff’s fingertips at Marcel’s Total Fitness.  With the professional help from Marcel’s Total Fitness this is all possible, making reaching your fitness goals a breeze.

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