Banner Thank You

Thank you for your purchase of a promotional banner to be displayed at Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics, located at 7770 E. Wrightstown Road.

Alphagraphics at Tanque Verde and Grant Road will be making the banner for you.  Banner size is 10 feet by 3 ½ feet.  They will be printed with high gloss on vinyl.

Please have your graphic design person send your artwork in a PDF file (highest resolution possible) to:
us033@alphagraphics.com      (us033, the 0 is a zero not the letter O)

Attention: Julie
Subject line should read:  Marcel’s Total Fitness Banner
Please cc:  marcelstotalfitness@yahoo.com
Please know that the banner will be yours to keep after such time it is no longer being displayed at Marcel’s.

Thank you, Marcel Aguirre
Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics
7770 E. Wrightstown Road
Tucson, AZ  85715
(520) 296-1900