Athletic Training

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In order to advance in competition, athletes must develop the right physical and mental tools for success.  We will help you to accomplish these goals.  Competitive sports is not just speed, agility, and strength.  Nutrition is a core fundamental of great performance, peak stamina, and fast recovery.  We can help you integrate nutrition into your athletic training, starting with a Nutritional assessment.

What are your goals?

Do you need to increase your speed?  Work on your agility?  Or maybe you just need to get stronger in a particular sport movement?  At Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics we can help you develop that missing element to your sports mastery.


Elite athletes need the help of a athletic trainer to fill in the training gaps you don’t get from your sport or team training regimen.  Often times critical parts of a players physical development are missed or forgotten in regular team workouts.  At Marcel’s Total Fitness we can work with individual athletes to take them to the next level in their sport.  From SpeedStrengthAgilityCore, or Explosiveness we are able to customize workouts to improve any area of the elite athlete that needs specific muscle tuning exercises.


Small group and team athletic training are the perfect solution for off season strength, agility, and speed training.  Often teams do skill training in the off season and skip these critical areas of development for young athletes.  While in the off-season its critical to develop more SpeedStrengthAgility, and Explosiveness.  Come into Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics to have our staff design an off-season conditioning program for your team.  Even if you have a smaller portion of the team that wants to get extra conditioning, Marcel’s Total Fitness & Athletics can accommodate them.

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