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Total Fitness

Marcel’s Total Fiantoniotness provides both Athletic personal training, group classes and one on one personal training.  Available are almost every piece of conditioning, strength, and flexiblity gear you can imagine. From exercise bikes, treadmills, and free weights to specialized equipment like side to side sled training. You name it Marcels Total Fitness and Athletics has it all. Come see why our clients think we are the best in town!

Football pro ups his game in Tucson park

Football pro ups his game in Tucson parkRead the full story

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  • Screenshot 2015-03-12 22.51.47Jim has been my trainer for several years and I really appreciate his knowledge and expertise.  His years of nursing experience are an added plus, since he is able to incorporate his knowledge of how the body works to the training experience. As a 70 year old my goals are to stay healthy, strong and flexible.  Jim helps me achieve my goals.  I never feel that he asks me to do more than I am capable of, but rather he finds ways to continually challenge me to improve my fitness level. I know my workouts are much more effective because what I’ve learned training with Jim.
    Norie Nelson
  • Screenshot 2015-03-12 22.55.53I’m Joan Ardern, a client of Annie Pinsky. Now in my 70’s, I am committed to a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness. In December 2014, I signed up at Marcel’s and began training with Annie. My current goal is to complete a 3 pull-up challenge. After a brief chat with Annie, she knew what was needed to achieve my goal, considering that I have osteo-arthritis. Her attitude and support keep me moving forward. I can see very positive changes in my body. Having Annie on my side is key to achieving the 3 pull-ups goal and is important to my overall wellbeing.
    Joan Ardern

    Klaire Pirtle, Marcel and DeeAnne(Yoga Instructor) Klaire Pirtle1

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